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The DATAXXS team was created from the collaboration Agillox – Radioforce and Arkro-IT. With more than 25 years of experience in tracking & tracing systems, the directors have joined forces to set up DATAXXS for Software development (customization) and representation of logistics software applications.

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This is the link to the AGILLOX RFID HW Partner of DATAXXS

This is the link to the RadioForce IOT HW Partner of DATAXXS


DATAXXS is a software supplier. We are active worldwide with our standard packages for tracking and tracing through SAAS (software as a service) applications in addition to custom software in connection with special customer requirements. As a partner and supplier, DATAXXS ensures that you as a customer are offered and implemented the desired software solution wherever you are active in the world. Because ICT currently has no restrictions with regard to location and place of use, DATAXXS ensures that the customer realizes his wishes where necessary.

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DATAXXS works from the vision that teamwork is essential to solve Software application challenges. Working in a team is always a challenge in itself. Different perspectives are indispensable for a team to make progress, but differences can easily lead to misunderstandings when a team is not a team.

A complex software development team is required for complex challenges and software issues. DATAXXS offers you to work with our team and help you to realize your user wishes based on teamwork.

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DATAXXS believes in the power of collaboration and partnership. That is why DATAXXS has entered into a partnership with several specifically selected worldwide software companies. Whether it concerns logistics applications or asset tracking and tracing, in-house software or SAAS (software as a service) or IOT (internet of things), DATAXXS offers the desired software solutions in collaboration with her partners.

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