SmartX HUB® SaaS-based enterprise Platform monitors location and generates actions and reports on the utilization of assets in the field or building, helping healthcare facilities to maximize equipment availability and reliability, reduce operational risks, minimize theft or misuse, and manage maintenance to minimize downtime.

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SmartX’s Connected Solutions is a one-stop ‘IoT’ Platform that uses sensors, networks, analytics, and reports to make critical assets used in healthcare smart.

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Medical operations

Hospitals and clinics (ICUs) cannot always quickly and efficiently identify and track the location of critical equipment such as fans and IV pumps.

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Infectious disease control is a major problem. No timely warnings are given to report when PPPs are ready for cleaning. This prevents the timely availability and use of critical assets.

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Location and staff safety

Without knowing the location, movement and interactions of patients, personnel and critical operating rooms (OR) or ICT resources, process improvement and disease control are unnecessarily delayed.

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