Team Coaching

You develop your own software, but lately everything has stagnated. This may be because there are a number of issues that delay the rest of the development, because too much time is spent gathering the required knowledge or there is a lack of guidance, which leads to the priority being wrong.

Eliminating open points

If the software has been around for longer, there are often points that are reported by users that are not solved because new parts take priority, new customer requires functionalities or because it is not clear how to solve the problem. An extra set of hands can ensure that the points are named quickly and are eliminated in a short time.

On-the-job training

Software development is (still) growing very fast. It is not always possible to have the latest technical knowledge and training people is often not ahead of time. Hiring temporary knowledge can offer the solution to get the knowledge and to transfer it specifically to your developments to your developers. Think of it as an on-the-job training for your developers. Minimal production loss with maximum efficiency!

Your software in controle

Wrong priorities can cause complete control of your software to be lost. Because of this, software often has to be rewritten because it is not possible to look at what is needed in a larger whole and the right decisions cannot be made. A temporary employee who can lead and guide your team can be the solution. This will permanently streamline your development process and make it easier for you to see which changes there are and which will come. In addition, your employees have a clear goal so that they can work more pleasant. Your employees satisfied, you satisfied and your customers satisfied.