DATAXXS offers all its customers software and system solutions that guarantee the present and the future when it comes to data and application management. Whereas our customers have the need and added value having a good custom made configurable software package DATAXXS is able to provide the solution Because every customer has specific wishes, focused on their own applications, DATAXXS ensures that these wishes are realized according to the requirements of her customers.


DATAXXS has the vision to equip all her customers as a specialist in automation with the best software application(s) aimed at the customer’s wishes and requirements, guided by professionals who are familiar with technic, technology and IOT (internet of things).

We are convinced that companies need the best software for their automation with industry-specific software, developed, guided and implemented by professionals who know your specific business through and through. With us you will find professionals who are familiar with software, engineering, technology and can automate in and to your language and pace.

Based on these principles, we use and realize from a successful company with many long-term customer relationships, the guarantee of continuity and stability of your business automation.